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Where Our Profits Go

Token: A clothing shop where 80% of the profit is donated to Charity:Water.

Charity:Water helps provide clean water to the countless people who are without; Something so easily taken for granted. They send in oil rigs and teams to dig for clean water and save mothers from having to trek miles a day to fetch dirty water for their families. Whole villages are saved from having to drink contaminated water and children are healthier. 100% of Charity:Water’s donations go directly to water projects and operating costs such as staff salaries and office functions are funded by private donors, foundations and sponsors. They provide proof of completed and ongoing projects with GPS as well as photos and stories from the field. There are many ways to donate and be a part of Charity:Water.

Each month, Token donates 80% or more of the profits to Charity:Water and you can keep track with me on Life and Oh-La-Dee-Dah (